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Apr 23 '13

The Importance of Education to Destroy Ignorance

Since Tyler Seguin’s comment on twitter last night caused such explosive feelings for many people, this goes to show why You Can Play Project is so vital to the sports community.

A simple, ignorant phrase that wasn’t malicious at face value hurts many people. A guy who just doesn’t seem to “know better” is then lynched and painted into a huge bigot who should be ousted from society.

Instead, You Can Play can come in and educate a guy as to why his choice of words was so frustratingly wrong. Burke has done a great job on twitter explaining all of this and everyone who is still confused should check it out.

We shouldn’t throw away someone who makes a mistake either. Tyler Seguin is not a bad person unless he becomes a repeat offender and shows that he doesn’t actually care.

I’ve been told I’m just too forgiving and have too much faith in humanity for feeling this way. That’s “like your opinion, man” but in the end, I’d rather give people a little bit more rope to hang themselves with in the end then just constantly throw people away when this society just needs to come together in the end. We need each other and to be on the same page, not destroying each other for these things that can often be fixed with proper education. 

I’ve seen people evolve over time, change their views on things and become accepting of things they originally denounced. You have to give people the chance to find their awakening. This is how we’ll have equality in the end. One step at a time.

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